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Brian’s Blog: How Much Social Media Is Too Much? (and some random thoughts)

 The question I pose in the title of this blog is a massive can of worms just waiting to be opened; how much social media is too much?

 As a part of my job, I am encouraged to have a presence in social media. I am encouraged to leave a positive footprint and encouraged to use social media to develop a connection with my family, friends, listeners and viewers. And given the technological advances that are being made….almost daily…I understand social media’s value and worth. This isn’t going to be one of those blogs that criticizes and downgrades social media as being something that will lead to the downfall of society and the end of humanity as we know it.

 That being said, again, I think it is smart and wise to pose the question: how much social media is too much?

 As I sit here, I can think of several different social media applications that I use daily. If you want to find me on Twitter, you can. If you would like to follow my work on KSFY-HD in Sioux Falls, you can do that as well by liking my professional Facebook page. You can see some of my work (past and present) by looking or subscribing to my YouTube channel. I am well connected professionally, and you can check that out by visiting by LinkedIn profile. And so on and so forth.

 But, is it too much?

 For example, I place value on having all those accounts and others. But as you sit there reading those words, how many of those above links would you seriously click on and follow up on? Do you want to follow me on Twitter? Do you want to follow me on Facebook? LinkedIn? YouTube? Et cetera?

 I know from the weekly reports I receive on these accounts that people are finding and connecting with me. And I am not doing any type of “advertising” or anything. It is just happening.

 On one hand, it is humbling to think that people would be interested in what I say and what I do. It truly is. I work primarily in TV news but I never think that what I do makes me unique or special or anything like that. In fact, I abhor people who have that attitude. Mass media, specifically news broadcasting, is for the benefit of the public. And those who work in news should never make the mistake that what they do makes them any better or more important than anyone else. My job is different, yes, but it allows for widespread recognition (and if I do my job poorly, widespread criticism).

Random Thoughts

(1) If I had satellite radio, it would constantly be set on the “70’s on 7” channel and I would leave it there. Is there any music better than the 70’s?

(2) The song “Love’s Theme” by Barry White came onto my I Pod today while I was driving around and it brought a smile to my face. Listen and enjoy.

(3) My son Austin is truly my Mother’s revenge on me. Quick, witty and questions everything. It would be admirable if it wasn’t constant and coming from an 8-year-old. Sigh.

(4) Love has a way of making everything better….if you just let it.

(5) Sometimes, photoshop can make you laugh. I saw this today in my Facebook feed and it made me laugh. Rockin’ on the Enterprise!

“I’m not a guitarist Jim….oh wait….”

 Thanks for stopping by and taking a read. It is always appreciated. Here’s hoping you have a good rest of your day.

Can You Have A Mafia War In Farmville?

 I like to think I am a fairly accepting and understanding person.

 That being said, if I get one more invitation to start a Mafia War or join Farmville on Facebook, I will run out the door screaming, into the street, to the closest intersection where I will hopefully be hit by some type of transit bus…which would then back over me…then go forward again before leaving the scene.

 Who has the time to play these games? And even more amazing to me…is why? I know people need hobbies and people need a way to break out of their day-to-day lives and do something mindless. But do I really need to kill Johnny Fourknunckles to do that? Or do I need to harvest some beets and then share those beets with another farm so they will give me some corn? Which is all, by the way, make-believe.

 I have talked with people who go home at night, open up Facebook and begin planting new crops and harvesting others on Farmville and they talk about it like it’s the cure for a fatal illness. At most, it may aid in restless leg syndrome because they’re sitting down all night playing this game. I see other people’s Facebook profiles where someone gave them a crowbar as a reward for something in Mafia Wars because they had killed Luigi Whatshisname in an alley by the river. WHAT?!?!

 I mean I just really do not get it. I get invitations from close friends to play these games and I hit ignore every time, hoping that I am not hurting their feelings. I am completely stymied by what the attraction is for these games.

 I’m on Facebook to keep in touch with people and to meet new people; not to feed an imaginary pig or to put an imaginary horse’s head in someone’s bed.

 These games to me are the equivalent of the pet rock from the 1970’s; it seems everyone is involved but no one really knows why or understands it.

And while we’re at it, here’s some other things that are just randomly on my mind tonight;

 (1) Why aren’t there “Jack In The Box” restaurants in the midwest? Their entire menu is available 24 hours a day. Want a taco at 6AM? Done. Want a breakfast sandwich at 4PM? Done.
 (2) Parking Meters. Our tax dollars pay to keep up the streets yet we have to pay to park on them? Are you kidding me?
 (3) Why doesn’t Younkers revive the old “Younkers Tea Room” in downtown Des Moines. It was one of the city’s classier places to dine and they let it fall into a state of disrepair. Bring it back!
 (4) I am a reasonably intelligent person but it took me awhile ot figure out how to work my BlackBerry. Yet my 5-year-old son gets an IPod Touch for Christmas and within an hour he’s operating the thing like he designed it. It makes me feel like the ape tossing the bones into the air at the beginning of the movie “2001”. Austin’s designing space stations and I’m trying to make fire.
 (5) Why is it a good idea for one company to be able to own 5-6 radio stations in the same city? Isn’t the public best served when there is a variety of voices and thoughts on the air waves instead of it all being controlled by a small group of people? I have never understood that nor have I seen any advantage in allowing multiple ownership. If you can explain it to me, please do so.

 OK. I think that’s it. I’m writing this late on Wednesday night while more snow falls and more wind blows and another blizzard is upon us. I’m getting sick of this. Not sick enough to play Farmville or Mafia War, but pretty sick.